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Sliding Type Racking Systems

Sliding Type Racking Systems

Sliding Racking Systems are designed for light loads, without the use of bolted connection, the elements are mounted to each other by sliding a system. Plug-in system provides ease of assembly and disassembly.

It is used in automotive spare parts or any other line of business in every sector where a wide variety of products need to be stored in different storage positions in the same place. It is the most suitable racking system for stocking small and high number of products.

According to the stocking properties of the material to be stocked, it provides multi-alternative storage. These shelves can be arranged as glass shelf, long flexible part shelf, fairing shelf, shock absorber shelf, bumper shelf, exhaust shelf, door cover shelf sickle.

In addition, they are economical and flexible applications in which the elements are inserted into each other without bolted connections.


  • A wide variety of small products can be stored.
  • Multiple floors can be produced. Uses the storage volume efficiently.
  • It can be produced in various sizes.
  • Allows direct access to all products.
  • Provides ease of product placement and collection.
  • Available for boxes of any size.
  • Optional modules can be added.