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Push Back Racking Systems

Push Back Racking System


Push Back Racking System, intensive storage movement, can work with LIFO storage system, forklifts run the shortest distance, it helps to reduce the number of forklifts and also saving the fuel and it’s suitable for companies who want to have more storage space.

Push-Back pallet racks are a system that provides higher pallet storage capacity than other rack systems. It is increases the usage area of the warehouse, efficiently. It provides storage capacity increase up to 90% compared to standard rack systems.

In the one hand this system, reduces the inefficient space of standard warehouse that has to be reserved for corridors, while on the other hand  reduces the travel distance of the forkliftand beside that it saves the time and fuel.

The LIFO inventory method, works by taking the frontmost pallet in the corridors. In sliding racks, loading is making from one side and vacated from other side. All pallets except the frontmost pallets are lined upat the same level. After loading first pallet, when the second pallet is loaded, the first pallet is pushed back to the second position. This process continues until the rail is full completely. It is ideal for warehouses with high volumes of movement and areas where storage space costs high. While it is very similar to the drive-in system, but they are different with that. In push-back system, the pallets are pushed from the front to the rack with the stacker and pushed back onto the rails.

There are two different applications:

Roller System:

The system has roller rolls for pushing the pallets back. It is possible to use up to 9 pallet depths and it is formed by ordering the depth of 1200 mm.

Framed System:

It is possible to use up to 6 pallet depths and pallets are stocked with 1200 mm parts that can be visible from the front. The depth is formed by 800 mm or 1000 mm portions. In this system, instead of roller rolls, stocking is made thanks to interlocking slide frames.


  • Provides high capacity pallet storage.
  • It eliminates the corridors that required for stacking trucks (forklifts) in standard warehouses.
  • Enables efficient use of available space and volume.
  • The system allows minimum height loss.
  •  It is sufficient for single corridor usage.
  • It works with FIFO principle.
  • Increased efficiency in in-storage movements.
  • It shortens the path of the stacking devices.
  • Saves warehouse machine’s fuel.
  • Because of the using warehouse machines at shorter distance, fewer warehouse machines are needed.
  • Provides faster operation.
  • In contrast to other systems, there is no blank space in all levels of load discharging.
  • pallet movement without spending any energy.
  • charghing and discharging load safety.