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Pick To Light System

Pick To Light System


It is very difficult to locate the products in the order, among the hundreds or thousands of racks in a large warehouse. Pektaş’s Pick-Light System, with the light on the shelves and the number of items in the order, makes it easy to find mixed products at a glance, ensuring correct order preparation and thus customer satisfaction.


It is very easy to find the specific product from thousands of products on the racks.

The rate of order preparation is 10 times faster than the system read from the paper.

Easy to place incoming products

Reduces human errors.

Facilitates temporary staff recruitment during high seasons, making them very low in error.

Made easy inventory storing.

As the error rate decreases both when placing and taking, the deficiencies in the inventory counts are reduced at the end of the year.

Operator guidance with illuminated numerators.

Missing – excess material correction in-place. 

Instant stock recording with one button.

Possibility of partial regional collection.

Reducing material picking errors.

Higher collection efficiency.

Multicolor LED warning lights.

Multi-digit numeric display.

Quantity increase – decrease buttons.

Industrial data transmission.

Flexible programming options.

Pick To Light System

It is suitable for companies that operate complex warehouses with fast product mobility, such as e-commerce companies, spare parts companies, mobile phone sellers, electronics manufacturers and distributors, food companies that require the preparation of mixed packages and pallets. It is a special system that makes it very easy to locate the products in the order among thousands of shelves.