en+90 212 886 61 72 & +90 212 886 61 73 info@pektas.com.tr
en+90 212 886 61 72 & +90 212 886 61 73 info@pektas.com.tr


Customer Understanding

Warehouse systems, honest, reliable, accurate, stable and continuous feedback to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level.

Team Work

We design and produce intelligent warehouse, automation, shuttle and rack systems with our experienced and professional team.

Our Ethical Stance

Our company prioritizes human principle, occupational health and safety, quality control and standards. It is also always in development and forward-looking activities.

Timely Delivery

With the right planning, professional and company-bound team mates, all orders are delivered on time and flawlessly.


Pektaş Racking Systems

Operating in the field of production of specially designed warehouse shelves and turnkey automation systems for the logistics and industrial sectors. Pektas was established in 1977 in Istanbul and has been manufacturing shelving systems since 1980.

It is one of the oldest companies in the sector that has become a leader in the sector in a short time. Providing innovative solutions tailored to the needs and demands of its customers. Pektaş, whose owners are also engineers, has been paying great attention to the quality of its products through its engineering calculations since its inception.

7500 m2 closed area on a large and modern production facilities, high production speed and ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards of quality production.

Pektaş has adopted the principle of not compromising its quality in its works. Pektas has reached its present position with its meticulousness and seriousness in all its activities since the first day and with its qualified and qualified employees.