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Back to Back Racking Systems

Back to Back Racking Systems

Back to Back Racking System is suitable for stacking standard and special pallets. It can be use for product variety and variable product weights. It is the most frequently used shelf system in warehouses with a wide variety of products in all sectors as it provides direct access to products.

Back to Back Racking Systems have a strong and rigid structure, so they protect the stored product against crushing and other damages.


  • Flexibility in height and depth.
  • Direct access to all materials.
  • Add or remove modules.
  • Suitable for all types of forklifts.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Adjustable floor height.
  • Easy and quick installation
  • The most commonly used rack system preferred for storing the materials on pallets thanks to wide and economic use area. Back to back rack systems or pallet racks is a storing rack system by putting two modules back to back and placing double side connections in between
Operating in the field of production of specially designed warehouse shelves and turnkey automation systems for the logistics and industrial sectors. Pektas was established in 1977 in Istanbul and has been manufacturing shelving systems since 1980.

It is one of the oldest companies in the sector that has become a leader in the sector in a short time. Providing innovative solutions tailored to the needs and demands of its customers. Pektaş, whose owners are also engineers, has been paying great attention to the quality of its products through its engineering calculations since its inception.

7500 m2 closed area on a large and modern production facilities, high production speed and ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards of quality production.

Pektaş has adopted the principle of not compromising its quality in its works. Pektas has reached its present position with its meticulousness and seriousness in all its activities since the first day and with its qualified and qualified employees.   


Spare Part

Spare Part is very important for us that the products they have purchased can be used without any problems and provide the lowest downtime, maintenance and downtime.

In order to achieve this, Pektas also provides spare parts for the products it produces. In case of any problem at our customer’s company. We struggle to deliver the spare parts that are needed in the most accurate and shortest time.

At the request of our customer, we also provide repair and maintenance services.



Regular Maintenance

Regular Maintenance is a preventive activity. When the maintenance agreement is made, the expert engineers and craftsmen of pektaş, who have produced all the machines and software, come to your company periodically to maintain your machines and replace the parts that need to be replaced. Thus, your machine can run for many years without problems. Maintenance agreements include the repair of all necessary equipment in necessity,during the checks performed by Pektaş (according to agreement, including or excluding materials). The recommended frequency of maintenance depends on how often the system is operating and operating times and depends on needs of the company.

After maintenance contract, we assume the responsibility of performing preventive maintenance at regular intervals. For more than 40 years, Pektaş has always been behind all the machines and software it has produced and has never left its customers alone in a difficult situation.

Modernization- Reconstruction

Modernization- Reconstruction are our responsibility for our customers to maintainence products they purchase  and they can be used as smoothly as possible and the lowest downtime. For this reason, we are constantly renewing our products and constantly improving them depending on the developing technologies.

Certainly, our customer’s business is constantly developing and they need to work faster, more efficiently. Overall improvement, modernization or modification of your system is more important than the mechanical modernization of your facilities.

Pektaş has been providing all the needs of its customers for more than 40 years and at the same time advising you on the improvement of all the systems of your facility ragards to its long years of knowledge and experience.

If you feel that your facility should work faster and more efficiently, or you want to modernize it, or you need minor or major renovations, you can call Pektaş immediately and make an appointment with our specialist engineers.We are pleased to advise you about all matters and make all the necessary modernization and renovation in the best possible way.


Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi

Aralarda bırakılacak olan koridor genişlikleri, kullanılacak olan istifleme cihazının (forklift) ölçülerine bağlı olarak diğer sistemlerden biraz daha geniş olacağı için, depo kirasının yüksek olmadığı depolarda ve paletli ürünleri kaldıracak istifleme cihazına (forklift) sahip firmalar için en ekonomik çözümdür.

Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi
Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi
Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi
Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi
Sırt Sırta Raf Sistemi